Expert Air Conditioning Solutions in Sparks and Reno, NV

Home Energy Experts offers expert air conditioning installation, repair, testing, and inspection solutions in the Reno-Sparks and surrounding Northern Nevada region.

Whether you are looking for a new unit or need help troubleshooting an issue, our team of expert air conditioning contractors are here to help. All of the work we do is covered by the Home Energy Experts guarantee, that assures you receive the best AC repair and installation possible. Get in touch with our friendly staff or schedule an appointment today!

Professional Air Conditioner Installation

With over 40-years of experience in the HVAC industry, our air conditioning experts are well versed in industry best practices and trained on how to quickly and effectively plan and install AC systems. Our friendly AC installers will design an air conditioning system that will help save money on your energy bills for years to come.

We start our installation process with calculating the size of your home to determine what size of system you will need. If you are looking to replace a broken AC system, we will look at your existing infrastructure. A full inspection will determine what efficiency updates need to be made to ductwork, insulation, and filter intake design.

Once we have fully evaluated your home’s cooling needs, we will create a plan of action to upgrade or repair your AC unit and any support systems like ducts or filters. We work with our clients to create a plan that works for their budget and any limitations of their home. Our team of AC experts will adapt to any situation and find a solution, whether it’s utilizing ductless air conditioning units or creating a new central air system, we will ensure that your home is comfortable and energy efficient.

Central Air Conditioning

Central air conditioning is one of the most common cooling solutions. Popular for their fair price, and efficiency, we have repaired and installed central air systems in every type of home across Reno and Sparks. Central Air systems also have the benefit of a tidy appearance for homes, when compared to conspicuous window units and ductless air conditioners.

Mini Split systems

Mini splits are installed directly into an exterior wall or window and offer temperature control on a room to room basis. This solution has the added benefit of providing both heating and cooling to a room. Although mini splits are an efficient solution, they are not price-effective or scalable for an entire home.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps operate using the same system that a central air system uses, but have the added benefit of being reverted to also offer heat. Heat pumps are ideal for homes in moderate climates but are highly efficient for smaller to medium-sized homes. Homes and apartments that do not have gas hookups generally use heat pumps for heating.

Interested in Air Conditioning Installation or Repair?

Reliable Air Conditioner Repair in Sparks, NV

The Home Energy Experts team utilizes cutting-edge tools and training to identify and repair issues across a wide variety of air conditioning units. We begin the repair process with an inspection that will pinpoint your system’s issue and what will be needed to correct the problem.

Our air conditioning tests are designed to not only get your system up and running again, but to get it working more efficiently than before. Whether your air conditioner needs simple tune up or we need to replace an outdated unit with a new AC system, our team will create a plan that works for your needs, home and budget.