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Don’t Let Furnace Problems Catch You Off Guard: The Warning Signs


Let’s be transparent here—we’ve probably all had a furnace problem or two that we’ve noticed early on but let drag out because we didn’t want to schedule an appointment for it. This is understandable. Procrastination is a somewhat inevitable part of life. But what about the more subtle furnace problems that you might not notice right away? You don’t want to be caught off guard with a problem as big as this.

You don’t have to go through furnace repair in Sparks, NV alone when you rely on our service technicians. We’re experts so we have all the right knowledge and resources to provide you with the work that you need.

Watch Out for This…

These are just a few of the early warning signs of furnace trouble. Don’t avoid a service call if you notice these issues, instead, get in touch with our professionals.

The Burner Flame is “Off”

We don’t literally mean “off” here—that should be a clear sign that your heater isn’t working. What we’re talking about is a problem with the color of your burner flame. Your burner’s flame should always burn as hot as possible. When it’s doing this, it will emit a blue light. If anything starts to go awry with your burner, you’ll notice that the flame color changes to a yellow or orange hue. This is a problem and a sign that you’ll have furnace trouble sooner than later.

Short Cycling

Is your heater starting and stopping all day long? This is an indication of furnace trouble too. Constant starting and stopping is a sign that your furnace isn’t a great fit for your home. It could be the size of your furnace, an issue with capacity, or just a problem with the filter you currently have in your unit. You can have our team of professionals find the source of the problem as fast as possible.

There’s Cold Spots Throughout Your Home

You’re standing in your bedroom and you’re perfectly fine, but if you walk downstairs to the kitchen or living room then you’ll start to shiver. What’s going on? You’re dealing with cold spots in your home. While there are some natural disparities in temperature throughout a home, there should never be a night and day difference between rooms. If this is the case, then you’re going to need the help of our professional service technicians.

You’re Always Tweaking Your Thermostat

Do you feel like you always have a hand hovering over your thermostat? Sometimes your thermostat is going to need a little adjustment throughout the day—there’s nothing wrong with this—the major problem arises when you feel like you’re constantly running back and forth between your room and the thermostat to get the temperature you need in your home. This is a sign that you’re going to need heating work in the near future.

Deciding when you need heating repair work doesn’t have to be a guessing game. If you’re ever in doubt you can come to our professionals for the work you need.

We help homeowners improve the Comfort, Safety, Efficiency, and Health of their home. Call Home Energy Experts for any of the heating work you need.

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