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Get Your Home Ready for Winter!


We’re steadily sailing into the holiday season here in Reno. You know what that means—pumpkin spice as far as the eye can see, cooler temperatures in the morning and evening, and scavenging for those heavier layers of clothes that you squirreled away last spring. You’re doing everything to get yourself in the spirit of the season, but are you making sure that your home is ready for the cool weather too?

We’re known for our high temperatures in Reno, but you’re a resident, so you know that living here brings along some pretty bitter chills. You can come to our professionals to get your home ready with heating maintenance in Reno, NV this season. We take painstaking efforts to ensure that you get the heating service you need all winter long.

Why You Need Heating Maintenance in Fall

So you might be thinking to yourself… “It’s a little early for this isn’t it?” Not really! The main thing you need to know about heating maintenance is that it’s preventative. You want to schedule an appointment for heating maintenance before things start to go south and the perfect time for this is in fall. We’re sure that you’re not relying on your home’s heating system too heavily quite yet, so it’s a great idea to have a professional come out and service your system before you’re using your heater on a daily basis.

Your heater is a complex and expensive piece of equipment. It’s important for you to have an expertly trained professional take a closer look at your system. Trust us when we say that we are qualified to perform the work that you need.

How Heating Maintenance Helps

So how does heating maintenance really help you? Here are a few ways that heating maintenance will help your home.

Increased System Lifespan

You want your heater to last a long time, right? You invest a lot of money and time into this system, so you want it to able to last about 10-15 years. Although 10-15 years is the average life expectancy of a heating system, you can’t expect your heating system to last the amount of time that it really should without the right care. We’ll make sure that your heater is cleaned and cared for the right way.

Energy Efficiency

A properly maintained heating system is an energy-efficient heating system. Your heater will enjoy better energy efficiency because it has lubricated mechanical components, perfectly tuned parts, and fresh filters. This means that your heater will take less energy to heat your home. Don’t try to force your heater to work when it’s in a state of disrepair. We’ll make sure it is ready for the job.

Cost Savings

Preventative maintenance will make sure your energy efficiency is as high as possible. An energy-efficient system is a low-cost system. In addition to this, any repairs that you might need will be a lot less intense and less costly. Make sure that you take the time to schedule a maintenance appointment this fall.

Contact Home Energy Experts to schedule an appointment for heating maintenance today. We help homeowners improve the Comfort, Safety, Efficiency, and Health of their home.

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