Don't wait until winter for fireplace installation

Fireplace Installation: Don’t Wait for Colder Weather

Nevada temperatures have never played by seasonal rules. Even in the first official days of autumn, temperatures in the high 90s are routine. Before you know it, the feeling of summer will be gone and winter will soon be upon us. With colder weather just around the corner, now is the perfect time for fireplace installation.

Most people don’t think of having a fireplace installed while it is still warm out, but by having the installation done in the “off-season,” you can start using your new fireplace as soon as the weather starts growing cooler. Here are just a few of the benefits of starting the process when it’s still warm outside.

Save Energy

Here’s something you may not have considered: Fireplace installation out of peak season can save on heating costs. Workers will have to carry material in and out of your house, and the doors will be open throughout the day. If you wait for colder weather to install your new fireplace, you may end up defeating the purpose of saving energy by losing heat through open doors.

Save Money

The big reason for installing a fireplace at the right time is to save money. Planning ahead and scheduling fireplace installation out of peak season can pay long-term dividends. At Home Energy Experts, we offer pre-season discounts to give you added incentive to install early before the cold weather gets here.


Don’t miss a chance to get ahead of other people in your market! Starting a fireplace installation project in the warmer months of the year means you’ll have plenty of time to visit our showroom and find the perfect model. Once you’ve made your selection, arranging an installation time will also be a breeze since technicians won’t yet have a crammed schedule.

Don’t Get Left in the Cold

So, if you’re asking yourself about the best time for fireplace installation, the answer is “sooner than you think.” At Home Energy Experts, we’re ready to equip you for a warm and relaxing winter around the hearth. Contact us today, and make sure that by the time winter truly arrives, it’ll be the most comfortable one you’ve ever had.