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24 Hours / 7 Days a Week


Fireplace Inserts in Reno, NV

Do you have an existing fireplace that you can’t get great use out of? Do you have existing masonry in your home without a fireplace inside? It might be time for you to consider a fireplace insert for your home. Fireplace inserts are a great option if you want the comfort and ambiance of a fireplace without the hassle of renovating your home to make this possible.

Inserts are a great option, but what makes inserts an excellent choice for a home is the service that they receive. Contact the fireplace professionals on our team to learn more about inserts, choose the fuel source that’s right for you, and find an insert that matches the overall look and feel of your home. We have over 40 years of experience serving homes just like yours..

We help homeowners improve the Comfort, Safety, Efficiency, and Health of their home. Call our team today to schedule fireplace services in Reno, NV and the surrounding area.

Looking for a Gas Insert?

Are you looking for a great gas fireplace for your home but want to avoid the hassle of knocking down walls, dealing with contractors, and coughing on dust particles for the next few months? Come to our team at Home Energy Experts. We can equip your home with standard factory gas inserts and custom gas inserts.

Gas inserts are superb choices because they’re so efficient. You know that masonry fireplaces are great for their look, but not necessarily the best at circulating heat throughout a home. Inserts on the other hand are designed to heat a room. Choosing gas as the fuel source only makes this process easier. You can contact the professionals on our team to learn how one of these systems would affect your home specifically. We’ll help you take all the appropriate next steps.

We Service Wood-Burning Fireplace Inserts Too

Maybe gas isn’t the option for you and you’re more interested in the prospects of a wood insert for your home. Wood inserts are often a great option for homeowners who already have the existing masonry for a fireplace but they don’t get much use out of it. If you fall into this category, we can help you get the fireplace services that you deserve.

You need a professional to provide the right expertise for your wood fireplace insert. The art of inserts is a little tricky. You need to measure the opening, depth, width, and height of your current fireplace and customize your insert to these specifications. Professionals need to perform this work. Contact our professionals today.

Don’t Forget Pellet-Fueled Inserts

Pellet inserts are a great option too. You don’t have to choose a gas or wood fireplace system just because these two fuel sources are the most common. Pellet inserts are a good option because pellets eliminate the waste and potential danger of other fuel sources.

Pellet inserts are great because they boast long-term, clean, and efficient heat. They’re quiet, efficient, and perfectly designed to fit into the existing fireplace that you have in your home. If you’re ready to consider a pellet insert for your household, you can get in touch with our professionals today.

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