Thermal Imaging Heat Loss Detection

We use a thermal imaging camera to scan areas in your home that are contributing to heat or cold air loss. The thermal camera allows us to see where the heat is spreading throughout your home, and helps us spot issues contributing to energy waste. We will check walls, windows, doors throughout your home, and also analyze attic insulation.

The EPA estimates homeowners can typically save up to 20% of heating and cooling costs (or up to 10% of total energy costs) by adding insulation in attics and floors over crawl spaces. In Northern Nevada, the recommended insulation value for an attic is R38 to R60, for a cathedral ceiling R30 to R38, for walls R13 to R19, and for floors R25 to R30.

Furnace Combustion Analysis

With a Combustion Analyzer, Home Energy Experts can analyze the true running efficiency of your furnace. Combustion balancing takes a furnace after it is installed and optimizes its burning efficiency to both make sure it is burning safely with low carbon monoxide output to the flue exhaust and that the fuel being burned is producing the highest level of efficiency.

Air Flow Hood Test

An air flow hood tests your HVAC system by monitoring the output pressure at each vent throughout your home. This test will determine if some rooms are getting more airflow than others and if your system overall is underpowered. If we find that air flow is uneven or low throughout your home, we can administer air balancing to fix any air flow issues or a system tune-up to get your HVAC system running smoothly again.

Ductwork Static Pressure

Static pressure is the amount of strain that an HVAC system blower motor has to go through to blow air out or suck air in. A high static pressure rating can lead to rapid blower motor degradation and efficiency loss. Once we get our readings we will look into possible causes and ways to lower your static pressure rating.

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Temperature Differential Testing

Using an electronic air thermometer: we will monitor the temperature of air being delivered at the vents, compared to the air leading into the HVAC system. If the air temperature difference doesn’t meet manufacturer’s standards, we will determine the problem and appropriate upgrades will be prescribed.

Air Conditioner Performance Test

Using sensitive testing instruments we monitor both outside and inside temperature and humidity levels to properly balance the refrigerant levels on an air conditioning system. Calculations are then performed after the airflow test to make sure the air conditioner is producing peak delivery efficiency.

Insulation Inspection

To assure for optimal home safety and energy efficiency, we will inspect attic insulation, crawl space insulation, and ductwork insulation as well as door and window seals and exterior vents and accesses that can allow air infiltration into and out of the home. Over time some types of insulation will compact leading to heating and cooling losses. We will both look for areas that do not have the proper insulation thickness, and for any breaks.

HVAC Load Calculation

To pinpoint the exact size of the furnace or air conditioner you need for your home, we administer an industry standard room by room HVAC load calculation. Correctly sized furnaces and air conditioners are very important not only to obtain perfect comfort in a home but to use the least amount of gas and electricity. By accurately measuring the home’s living space, the layout of the floor plan, which way windows and doors are facing, the number of stories the home has, the amount, type, and condition of the home’s insulation, Home Energy Experts can identify if your existing equipment is either too big, or too small, thus wasting your hard earned money because of improper sizing.

The Home Energy Expert Guarantee

We want nothing but the best results and service for you, and that’s why we protect your money and time with our risk-free guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with our recommended upgrade results, please don’t pay. There will be no hassles, no hard feelings and no questions asked.

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