Home Energy Experts offers HVAC tune-up services and maintenance packages throughout the Reno-Sparks and Northern Nevada Region.

System tune-ups and maintenance will ensure that your HVAC system is running smoothly and operating at ideal efficiency, while preventing costly breakdowns and inconvenience. Keep your air conditioner running smoothly through the summer and your furnace running great during the winter and sign up for HVAC maintenance today.

HVAC Preventative Maintenance

Home Energy Experts has developed a 20-Point Super Tune Up and Power Cleaning that will ensure your heating and cooling system is operating effectively and efficiently. Our superior tune-up includes preventative maintenance measures that pinpoint and repair troubled areas before they can cause major issues.

Air Filter Replacement

An air filter is your HVAC systems first line of defense in preventing harmful dust and debris from entering into any internal components. Without an air filter dust will build up on blower motors, coils, ductwork, and heat exchanging components. When important internal components on your HVAC system become weighed down by additional debris it will put extra strain on blower motors, and cause your air to be treated less efficiently. Every few months your air filter will need to be replaced or cleaned to ensure that your system is running smoothly.

Ductwork Inspection

Our technicians will inspect and test your air duct system to make sure that it is not leaking, restricting air flow, or losing and gaining temperature through missing or under performing insulation.

Temperature Testing

We compare the supply and return registers air flow temperatures to the air temperatures that are produced at your heating and cooling equipment to determine and pinpoint any potential temperature losses through the air duct system.

Refrigerant Coil Tune-Up and Cleaning

Air is directly blown over air conditioning coils to allow for an exchange of heat. We will inspect the air conditioning coils for dust or debris build up, and for optimal refrigerant pressure levels. If refrigerant pressure is not at the right level we will check for system leaks and initiate repairs where needed. If the coils have dirt and grime build up we will clean the coils to prevent bread downs and efficiency losses

Condensation Drain Testing and Cleaning

As air is sent over refrigerant coils condensation will form and drip down on to a condensation drain. The condensation drain sends water either outside your home or to a sewer pipe in your home. We will check to make sure the drain is operating correctly, and clean any build up that has formed on the drain pan.