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Home Energy Experts offers residential HVAC installation, repair, maintenance, and testing services in the Reno-Sparks and surrounding northern Nevada area.
Operating in the HVAC industry for over 40 years, the Home Energy Experts team is always on the cutting edge of energy efficient heating and cooling solutions and best practices.

If you are looking to lower your heating and cooling costs without sacrificing comfort, the Home Energy Expert team is here to help.

Reno HVAC Installation

As we have installed, repaired, and maintained thousands of HVAC systems from dozens of brands, our team knows how to best pick and design an efficient heating and cooling system. As your whole house energy experts, we start our installation process by assessing your heating and cooling needs through an HVAC load calculation.

Our room to room HVAC load calculation will allow us to determine the right size HVAC unit to install in your home. Whether you are replacing a unit or need a new install, the Home Energy Experts team will make sure that you are receiving the best of efficiency and home comfort.

Interested in our HVAC installation? Contact Home Energy Experts and set up your appointment today!

Heating and Furnaces

The Home Energy Experts team is highly skilled, trained, and insured to take on any residential heating and furnace project. Whether you are looking for a system upgrade, replacement, a new installation, maintenance, or repair, we can handle it. Our team is highly skilled and trained in the industries best practices and knows the ins and outs of most heating and furnace systems.

Air Conditioning and Cooling

Our air conditioning and cooling solutions are designed to get the most efficiency for the best investment. When it comes to combating the Northern Nevada summer with an air conditioning unit, our goal is to offer the most cooling for the least monthly energy costs. In new installations and replacements, we administer intensive testing to pinpoint easy fixes that will increase your home’s efficiency.

If your air conditioner seems to be struggling, is not cooling your home effectively, or costing you a lot of money to keep running, our team is here to help.

HVAC Testing

Our HVAC testing and home energy services are best in class and offer a thorough analysis of the factors affecting your heating and cooling system. If you are experiencing temperature differences from room to room, or high operating costs while still not being comfortable, one of the Home Energy Experts can come out and administer a full system check to pinpoint the issue. Rather than just getting your HVAC unit back to an operating state, we pinpoint causes and possible changes that can be made to prevent the issue from happening again.

HVAC Repair

The Home Energy Experts team is fully equipped to take on any HVAC repair project with a quick turn around. Going without heating or air conditioning is a pain, and our technicians are here to administer repairs on a quick schedule. Our service vans are stocked with the proper tools, and replacement parts to fix most issues with an HVAC system. Our repair services are not only designed to get your system up and running but to get it running more efficiently.

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problem solved

Review of Home Energy Experts Inc.

Brandon came in and took care of the problem with the AC quickly and efficiently.

Response from Home Energy Experts Inc.:

Thank you Judith!Sincerely, Eric Robnett

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Scheduled maintenance

Review of Home Energy Experts Inc.

Nick was professional and pleasant as usual.

Response from Home Energy Experts Inc.:

Thank you Jill!Sincerely, Eric Robnett

Map of Reno, NV

Great service

Review of Home Energy Experts Inc.

My air stopped working they came out the same day fixed it. Randy was very professional and answered all my questions.

Response from Home Energy Experts Inc.:

Thank you Laura!Sincerely, Eric Robnett

Eric R.

Eric R.

Customer never showed up for service call left my card in the door

Near Hazelnut Dr, Reno, NV 89508
Eric R.

Eric R.

Quote includes 6 head units. One for each bedroom and one for each living room. Upon my crawling in attic and measuring stud I found them in the main living room to only be 14” apart. Minimum clearance for a ceiling cassette is 15” so that room will have to be a wall mounted unit and not a ceiling cassette.Secondary living room studs measured fine and will have a 4 way ceiling cassette.Price is all inclusive

Near Celese Cir, Reno, NV 89511
Eric R.

Eric R.

Installation includes:Furnace, gas shut off, gas flex line and drip leg, Electrical whip, AC condensing unit pad, R410A evaporative coil, R410A condensing unit, rigid copper lineset, Lennox CS5500 thermostat, refrigerant balance, electrical disconnect and whip, GFCI outlet and bubble cover.Comes with City permit and finalized inspection.3 years WORRY FREE guarantee on parts and labor 3 years of annual service on furnace and air conditioner.Total installed price- $8,272.74Homeowner pays in full today with $8,000 through HD card and the remaining $272.74 on a Visa card.

Near Shifting Sands Dr, Reno, NV 89506
Eric R.

Eric R.

AC Maintenance:Checked operation of thermostat. Changed 14x24x1 & 20x30x1 return air filter and also cleaned grille. Checked blower motor amp draws 6.1 and capacitor mfd rating 15. Moved capacitor to the front of blower compartment for easy accessibility! Went to condenser and checked pressure/temps superheat/subcooling on refrigeration system. Checked dual capacitor mfd ratings 45/5. Checked amp draws on compressor 10.2 and OD fan motor .8. Checked volts and resistance across contactor. Tightened lugs on disconnect and contactor. Washed coil inside and out. Took temp split throughout home.

Near Halladale Dr, Reno, NV 89506
Eric R.

Eric R.

Pellet stove maintenance.Verify operation, clean glass inside and out with non amoiniated glass cleaner, remove refractor plates, remove burn pot and burn tray, clean heat exchanger, inspect heat exchanger, check heat exchange scraper tool operation, remove insulation that was falling down behind refractor plates and place, remove inducer motor and clean inducer housing, remove flu cap and sweep chimney, remove chimney clean out cap and empty, inspect wiring connections, clear and check Venturi tubes, clean interior of firebox (see important note), scrape burn pot/tray from debris, clean clean out pan, reinstall all items and verify operation of the unit before leaving. The unit does light the pellets and the convection fan does come on.Important Note.Today I find the firebox to be wooden on the interior. We highly advise to have pellet stove inserts running only in a masonry enclosure. The unit gets extremely hot and can cause a safety/ fire hazard for the home. Suggest lookin

Near Blue Spruce Rd, Reno, NV 89511
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