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24 Hours / 7 Days a Week


24 Hours / 7 Days a Week


Air Sealing in Reno, NV

Do you ever feel like your home is just a glorified tent when it comes to temperature control? You shouldn’t have to push your heater into overdrive to stay warm in the winter and you shouldn’t have to feel like you’re melting here in the summer. If your home doesn’t seem to keep you comfortable, you might want to look into air sealing services.

Most homes across the country are 1½ to 3 times less airtight than they should be. This means that you’re losing out on energy and comfort. Air sealing will help you prevent airflow into certain areas of your home to eliminate drafts and increase your home’s overall energy efficiency. Air sealing is integral to improving your home performance. Contact us to learn more about your air sealing options.

We help homeowners improve the Comfort, Safety, Efficiency, and Health of their home. Contact our team to seal your home today.

Our Air Sealing Services

We offer different air sealing services so that we can accommodate every home. Call us for the following:


Do you have cracks, gaps, or joints throughout your home that are small enough to seem benign but actually let in a draft? This is a perfect problem for caulking to solve. We know that caulking is a DIY favorite of homeowners, but hiring a professional will ensure that you get the home energy efficiency that you really need.


Do you have an area of your home that you wish you could caulk … but you can’t caulk this area because it’s around a moving area like a door or window? This doesn’t have to be a frustrating problem—you can opt for weatherstripping. Weatherstripping will help you fill the gaps and cracks in your home when you need them filled. Contact us today.

Attic Air Sealing

Did you know that your attic is the primary place in your home for heat loss and gain? You need to ensure that this area is free of leaks. We can seal your attic to boost your home’s insulation. Services like these will ensure that your home is warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer, and save you money throughout the entire year.

Call Home Energy Experts

The tough thing about air sealing is that your home can actually become too airtight. If a home is too airtight, the pendulum will swing to the other side and you’ll start having problems with your air becoming stagnant, stale, and you can even develop poor indoor air quality. You’re going to need a professional for these services because we’re the only ones who can find the balance for you. If the problem is unavoidable, we can take the right measures to install an HRV or ERV system to help you circulate fresh air in your home.

Call on Home Energy Experts when you want air sealing services that work to keep you comfortable. We have over 40 years of experience working on homes in Reno, NV and all our technicians are NATE and ENERGY STAR certified. Call us today.