Stop worrying about what is in your water, and improve its quality with Nature’s Miracle whole home water treatment system.

The water filtration system we offer does not need to be recharged monthly with salt media and is easy to maintain for years to come. Our filtration system directly hooks up to your city water supply which will improve your waters taste all throughout your home by removing chemicals and hard minerals.

KDF-55 Filtration

Nature’s Miracle system uses a KDF-55 media which is a long-lasting filtration solution for removing chlorine and other hard minerals and chemicals through an oxidation method. KDF-55 is comprised of copper and zinc which are both harmless minerals that are already used in water pipes throughout your home. KDF-55 is strong at removing harder metals such as aluminum, copper, mercury, and nickel which are more difficult for traditional water softeners to remove.

The biggest benefit that comes with a KDF-55 is that you will not have to worry about replacing it on a monthly basis. The copper and zinc will continue to offer their water filtering properties for years to come, and the manufacturer warranty covers the system for 5 years.

Carbon Filtration

Our Nature’s Miracle system uses a top of the line coconut shell carbon media as a secondary filtration. Carbon filtration will remove chlorine and other chemicals that contribute to bad tasting water. The coconut shell carbon we use is superior to other carbons on the market because of its high absorption properties and its long lifespan.

Signs of Hard Water

Hard mineral, chemical, and metal filled water will have lasting effects on your home. If you are experiencing any of the following effects throughout your house, you may have hard water.

  • Water spots and stains on dishes after washing.
  • Rust stains on shower heads and water fixtures.
  • Dry scalp and skin after you shower.
  • Leftover soap scum in the shower and bathtub.
  • Water has a bad taste or smell.

Free Water Analysis

If you are unsure about the quality of your water, Home Energy Experts offers a free water analysis to help you determine if your water is in need of filtration. Our water test will determine water hardness, and any prominent chemical, mineral and metal substances present. Our test is designed to help you make an informed decision before you invest in a water filtration system.